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We can help you with Direct LTL, FTL & over dimensional services.


Direct LTL, FTL, over dimensional services & local expedites.

Mighty Critical

Immediate pick up and delivery for your local freight.

There For You

Mighty offers support 24/7 - 365 days out of the year!

Customer Service available 24/7/365

We provide customer service all year round through live chat or by phone.

Fast & Reliable Service

Our team monitors every step of the process from pick up all the way to drop off.

Experts at Problem Solving

The team at Mighty are professionally trained to handle any problem that may arise.

Professional Carrier Partnership

Mighty Expedite only works with professional Carriers with exceptional record for fast and secure transportation.

“We will ship literally anything anywhere to satisfy our customers’ requirements.”

When your shipment has to get there on time, there’s Mighty!

Throughout our operation in Burlington, Ontario, our Mighty team has a clear directive—keep our customers “mighty” satisfied. Here are the top reasons customers continue to rely on Mighty:

  • Our solutions approach starts with a free assessment and, if you require, a rate audit to determine areas of potential savings and service enhancements available with Mighty.
  • When we commit, we deliver. Even if it means extra resources on our end to make it happen.
  • Our expedite service utilizes vans, flatbeds and specialized heavy haul equipment.
  • Multiple levels of service include direct, same day, overnight and 2-3 day service… North America wide.
  • Mighty provides automated pick-up and delivery reports, pro active shipment updates, PODs, consolidate invoicing and EDI interface as required.
  • Our direct drive approach translates to less handling, virtually no claims and the best transit times available.
  • We partner with like-minded transportation professionals who give us greater capacity to serve you than any one carrier can.
  • We have a Mighty Team that delivers Mighty Service within our North American expedited niche.
We keep the objectives ahead of us and the hurdles behind us at Mighty Expedite.

20 Years of Fast & Secure Transportation.

Entrepreneur Tim Wilson formed Mighty Transportation Services at the turn of the new millennium. The focus then and now was to bring personalized service to the expedited requirements of Canadian and US  shippers with regular and time-sensitive LTL, truckload and over dimensional shipments to and from the continental United States and right across Canada. Multiple levels of service and varied equipment types are available to Mighty customers on both sides of the border.


In 2015 Tim Wilson purchased the not for profit Ancaster Avalanche Junior Hockey Club who play in the Greater Ontario Junior Hockey League (Junior B) and after 2 seasons Tim moved the Team to Hamilton, Ontario. Tim made a deal with Stuart Hyman who owned the rights to the historic Hamilton Kilty B’s. The Kilty B’s were born again. They play out of the Dave Andreychuk Mountain arena aka: THE HIVE on the same night as they did in the 70’s. Monday nights.

Just this year (2020) Tim Wilson has taken over the not for profit Dundas Blues Junior Hockey Club who play in the Provincial Junior Hockey League (Junior C) out of their original arena the JL Grightmire, aka: THE MARKET. Their home nights are Thursdays.

When you are a part of Mighty Expedite, you are a part of a team that cares. You are part of a large family that is heavily involved in our community. We grow and contribute daily.
Services Offered
  • Direct Less than truck load.
  • Full truck load.
  • Flat bed.
  • Double drop.
  • Over dimensional.
  • Temperature control.
  • Hazardous materials.
  • Short & long term warehousing.
  • Cross docking.
  • Air shipments.
  • Hand delivery.
  • And more.
Our Services
We Move
  • Steel products.
  • Paper products.
  • Knock down furniture.
  • O.D. Cranes.
  • Concrete products.
  • Environmental products.
  • Trees.
  • Water heating and purification systems.
  • Packaging materials.
  • Auto parts.
  • Warranty returns.
  • Dangerous goods.
  • and more.
Contact Us

We have the process and procedures in place to provide Mighty service.

  • Our customers communicate directly with our dispatch department as their main contact for pick-ups, tracing, questions and quotes.
  • We invoice correctly, deliver as promised and strive for continuous improvement.
  • Time sensitive shipments must be followed up throughout their entire journey, even through the weekend.
  • Our customers are contacted daily to field any questions and address any additional requirements.
  • Team members keep detailed notes on every move in our Dispatch-Mate software… the details matter.
  • We treat all those around us with courtesy and respect and ensure customers “hear our smile” in our daily communications.
  • We tell it how it is and are proactive problem solvers throughout our operation.
  • Deliveries are to be followed up on at 9:00 am daily and any delays or concerns are communicated to the customer immediately.
  • Customer pick-ups are followed up at noon daily and if the selected carrier is not on schedule, other arrangements will be made to ensure the pick-up promise has been met.
  • When a customer has multiple pick ups on one day, we contact them to confirm which carrier is picking up each shipment to avoid possible confusion.
  • We use high service carriers that typically operate 1-12 trucks, operate on a point to point basis, avoiding re-handling, reducing claims and improving transit times.
  • We carry Contingent Cargo insurance and a Surety Bond that provides additional coverage for each shipment placed in our care.
  • We track and trace every shipment from start to finish and are available 24/7/365.
Hamilton Kity B’s Junior Hockey Club
The Hamilton Kilty B’s play in the Greater Ontario Junior Hockey League (GOJHL) and is always in the top 10 Junior leagues in North America.

The Kilty B’s play out of the Dave Andreychuk Mountain arena aka: THE HIVE on Monday nights starting early September .

Dundas Blues Junior Hockey Club

The Dundas Blues play in the Provincial Junior Hockey League (PJHL) and play out of the historic JL Grightmire arena aka: THE MARKET on Thursday nights starting in late September.


Serving Canadian and U.S. customers by the shipment.

Expedited Cross Border Trucking Services.

Mighty’s customer base extends throughout North America. We are proud to serve a high percentage of Canadian and American businesses.

We handle freight of all kinds, utilizing the best equipment to suit the particular product being shipped. We incorporate tandem dry vans, flat decks, roll-tites and heavy haul equipment to make up our diversified, partner-based fleet.

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Convenient, no surprise, per skid pricing.

Expedited Cross Border LTL.

A growing segment of Mighty’s business is handling the less than truckload requirements (LTL) of our customers on both sides of the border. We avoid the hub and spoke distribution method of the large common carriers. That system adds efficiency for the carrier, but creates more handling and more days in transit.

Our system is based on better scheduling and simplified per skid pricing. No stacking freight, virtually no claims and expedited transit times are the key benefits of using the Mighty LTL network.

A Message from our President

Mighty Expedite performs when you need us and even better, when you need us most.

Expedited Direct

When emergencies happen—from plant shutdowns to service failures—that require special measures to fulfill your customer promise, Mighty can do that!

One of the key advantages of running a smaller operation with an extensive partnership network is that we know how to make things happen in a hurry. We are not burdened with process and can customize solutions to meet your special circumstances. The next time you’re faced with a dilemma that requires immediate action…call Mighty!

Give Mighty Expedite a try today.
With our proven 20 plus year track record and reputation, Mighty Expedite will help you ship with peace of mind every time.

For questions or quotes, don’t hesitate to contact us by clicking the button below.


Are you a “High Quality Carrier“?

If you are a high quality carrier that runs dry vans and/or flat decks, roll-tites and heavy haul equipment…we want to hear from you.

We do more than expedite our customers LTL and truckload requirements; we expedite communications, reporting and every aspect of customer service. We pay quickly and treat our carrier partners with respect.

Our Driver(s) are ready when you are! Max Weight is 22000lb


  • Minimum Charge $103.00
  • Includes 30 minutes loading and 30 minutes offloading time.
  • Waiting time = $75.00/hour after 30 minutes.
  • Rate does not include driver assistance.
  • Driver assistance = $75.00 / hour, 1 hour minimum subject to restrictions.
  • Driver assistance not to exceed 2 hours.
  • Limited to 22000 lbs per shipment.
  • All Charges are subject to + HST
MIGHTY EXPEDITE continues to offer the extremely popular MIGHTY CRITICAL service. Immediate pick up and delivery service! We have a driver ready to go just for you! When time is against you, and the situation becomes critical, call Mighty Expedite—we promise to jump into action just for you!
  • Immediate pick up and deliveries before 5:00 pm or as fast as legally possible!
  • Sprinter at 1-2 standard size pallets (up to 2000 lbs)
  • Straight truck 1 -12 standard pallets (up to 22000 lbs)
  • Pick up and deliveries to and from the GTA, neighbouring cities and beyond
  • We cater to almost every industry!


    Mighty Expedite is Ready When You Are!

    We operate between 8:00am to 5:00pm. But Don't worry, our after hours staff is here if you need them.

    đź“ž 905-332-9900

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