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While the front line workers and those in long-term care homes are topping early lists to receive Canada’s first COVID-19 vaccines, Nancy Kass (Professor of bioethics and public health at John Hopkins University) urges that those involved in the supply chain should follow soon after. 

“There would be a bigger problem for everyone if those industries break down”, she said in an interview. But even among trucker priorities will need to be set. Package delivery drivers or those who stock grocery stores and pharmacy shelves might deserve to be vaccinated before long-haul truck drivers who interact with fewer people a day, says Kass.

The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) and American Trucking Association (ATA) both recommend that truck drivers should be among the early waves of people to receive CODID-19 vaccines. 

As many as 6 million doses are to arrive in Canada during the first quarter of 2021.