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As we approach colder weather, which can specially get dangerous for commercial truck drivers. Here are some tips that can help keep drivers safe during the winter months.


Heating the windshield can help significantly, drivers should turn on the defroster on high for a minute to help warm the glass. Windshield cleaning fluid works in temperatures below zero. The alcohol evaporates faster than the fluid, and the fluid can freeze on the windshield. Some drivers also mention that pouring a few ounces of brake line antifreeze into the washer fluid can also help with that.

Black ice

Drivers should always be look out for Black ice when driving in near freezing temperatures. It’s the thin layer of transparent ice that often makes the road look slightly wet. Also if vehicles in front of a truck stop kicking up spray, then black ice could be ahead.

High-tech checks

Drivers should carry out daily checks around the truck to make sure everything is functional, this habit can help avoid catastrophic failures in the cold weather.

Truck tires

It may sound weird but keeping a bag of kitty litter can come in handy on snowy days. By throwing kitty litter under tires is an effective way to get that extra traction drivers need to get them going and it’s environmentally friendly. Salt and sand would work as well.

Trailer tires 

Drivers should check their tires often, especially after just hooking up to a trailer. Drivers should make sure that the wheels are turning and the brakes are not frozen. If the brakes are frozen, look for frozen valve or shoes frozen to the drum. If it’s a frozen valve, pour some methyl hydrate through the system to melt it. If it’s a shoe frozen to the drum, go under with a hammer and gently tap the drum with the red button in.

We at Mighty Expedite make sure that all of our assigned drivers are following the appropriate protocols and taking all the necessary steps to ensure that your goods are being delivered safely, effectively, on time and damage free.