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LTL shipping

Less than truckload commonly referred as LTL, is a type of shipping used for transporting of freight which doesn’t require the use of an entire truck. Mighty Expedite specialize in moving more goods for multiple shippers in an efficient manner.

How LTL shipping would benefit you

The shippers only pay for the volume their shipment occupies in the trailer, which is shared with other low volume shipments.

When going with LTL shipping, you need to consider the following things:

  1. Size: In LTL, you’re only required to pay for the space your goods occupy, the shipping cost is dependent on the size of the load. This method is more cost effective.
  2. Shipment Type: Some goods require more fragile than others and thus require more handling to insure everything stays intact and safe. However, Mighty Expedite does not cross dock your freight after it hits the highway trailer. There is virtually no handling of your freight, which means it arrives quicker and damage free.

If you have shipments over 150 pounds, consider LTL and give us a call. We haveĀ  20+ years of preferred carrier database with an exceptional safety record.

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