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Travelling to the United States is probably not on the list of places to visit for most Canadians this summer. A recent lpos poll showed that 93 per cent of Canadians believed it would be too risky to travel to U.S. this summer.
However for truckers, who are exempt from Canada’s 14-day isolation rules and whose main source of income depends on making back and forth journeys between U.S. and Canada. Where they are transporting huge portion of Canada’s food supply so that shelves in Canadian grocery stores can stay full. Crossing the border isn’t something that they can just refuse, as they know their livelihood depends on it.
Yet some truck drivers are doing just that, as some drivers are worried that they could catch the virus and then pass it on to their family members. They’re turning down work in the U.S. in favour of finding work closer to home.
According to Transport Canada, on average 30,000 trucks pass through Canada-U.S. border every day, carrying an estimated $1 billion in goods.
Statistics provided by the Canada Border Services Agency – show that cross-border commercial traffic has remained relatively stable throughout pandemic so far, with the weekly declines ranging between 10 and 30 per cent compared to last year.


Rest Assured, Mighty Expedite’s extensive prequalified and preferred carriers are screened  for COVID-19 and health on a daily basis.

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